50 Tips in 50 Minutes: Teaching Social Media in Higher Education

Okay, so it’s not quite 50 minutes and it’s not quite 50 tips, but our LinkedIn Group Teaching Social Media Marketing & Management held a Google Hangout on September 10 with these goals. Gary Schirr, Matt Kushin and Don Stanley and I convened to talk about best practices in teaching social media in the classroom. Hopefully, you’ll find something interesting for your pursuits in social media in higher education. View the video here.  25 Tips for Social Media in Higher Education Flip the classroom – read and quiz at home, work on social in class. Incorporate people (guests) from outside the classroom with Google Hangouts. Everyone does rich content – blog or YouTube Create a class site and blog where everyone contributes their content. Monitor the social web – find real-world examples to bring in to class. Students often know about these events, making for great discussion on how they relate to your class….

Audiobooks - Getting the Most Out of Your Time

Getting the Most out of Audiobooks: 3 Steps to Maximizing Audible

“When do you have time to read?” is a question that I’m frequently asked. With the pipe to social media wide open, work, kids, and a steady stream of distractions, there really isn’t much time to think, let alone read. In 2006 I joined the Audible Gold Plan[Digital Membership], which allowed me one free credit per month. I listened to tons of books, and today I can’t recall much more than a few concepts. Over the last year, I’ve “consumed” more than 2 books a month, and I’ve developed a system that really works for retention and consumption of great content. Just listening to audiobooks alone really won’t cut it. Here are a few tips to make the audiobook substitute really work.   1. Get the Audible App While you can listen to audiobooks on CD or in iTunes, there are several key advantages to using the Audible App. First of all, and…

How to Use Google+ Hangouts in Higher Education: Distance Learning With Social Media

I teach a digital media marketing class that’s about a hundred miles away from my office, so this semester I tried an alternative to traditional “distance learning.” Rather than driving on campus every week or prepare stale lectures, I utilized the power of Google+ Hangouts to facilitate half of my classes this semester. Class participation increased dramatically because students were free to chat, tweet or share their feedback without fear of being put on the spot. Every class lecture or discussion is archived and available on the YouTube Channel. More than two-thirds of my students reported improved class engagement and satisfaction from using the Google Hangout classroom. Specifically in this post, I am going to walk through the steps that will help you utilize Google Hangouts in your classroom, but the steps outlined here can also be used for any business, academic or extracurricular purpose. In case you don’t make it all the way to the end…

Teaching Technology To Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

When I received a telephone call in February of 2012 to teach a “social media” class to MBA students at University of Tennessee Chattanooga, I was both honored and terrified. I had given many 1-2 hour sessions on a variety of aspects of social media or digital from “how-to’s” to the sociological impacts of its use. I had not, however, created a curriculum for a full semester. Immediately, I knew that I did not want to teach a class on “social media.” With such an interconnected digital world, if anything, I wanted the students of this class to walk away with a broader, richer perspective of all of the moving parts of the digital communications platforms. More importantly, I wanted the students to walk out of the class knowing: A variety of tools available to facilitate conversation How to analyze any tools on their own Understand why any of the…

Why I Don’t Practice Law (collection of tweets)

During my CLE this year, I decided to keep track of the reasons that I don’t practice law on Twitter. I hope you enjoy. Comment any favorites, or make any contributions. because after nearly 15 hrs of cle in the last 32 hrs i am contemplating poking sharp objects into my eyeballs because mediation is for wussies because my idea of trial prep is 45 minutes of perry mason followed by 30 minutes of matlock because they call me ‘the yapper’ and the whole “brief” thing never worked to well for me because i happen to like “the blog things” because being disciplined by the board actually sounds intriguing because i cannot call myself a ‘minister of justice’ without winking and shooting my air gun Hide Conversation because I say “compliance” with the same disdain as other “c” words because “having relations” with clients is “just a bad idea” because…

Let the Liberal Artists Rule

As NYTIMES reports, universities are bumping tuition for biz and engineering degrees and poorer students are seeking out the liberal arts degrees. Let’s see: better thinking, better communications skills, cheaper degree. Now, that sounds like a pretty damn good recipe. Fortunately, these biz majors will make great mid-level managers for the visionary liberal artists.

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I consume a number of audiobooks, but how do you retain all of the content? Here are a few tips that I use to improve comprehension and use of audiobooks.

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