50 Tips in 50 Minutes: Teaching Social Media in Higher Education

Okay, so it’s not quite 50 minutes and it’s not quite 50 tips, but our LinkedIn Group Teaching Social Media Marketing & Management held a Google Hangout on September 10 with these goals. Gary Schirr, Matt Kushin and Don Stanley and I convened to talk about best practices in teaching social media in the classroom. Hopefully, you’ll find something interesting for your pursuits in social media in higher education. View the video here.  25 Tips for Social Media in Higher Education Flip the classroom – read and quiz at home, work on social in class. Incorporate people (guests) from outside the classroom with Google Hangouts. Everyone does rich content – blog or YouTube Create a class site and blog where everyone contributes their content. Monitor the social web – find real-world examples to bring in to class. Students often know about these events, making for great discussion on how they relate to your class….

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