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Unleashing Potential

I believe the world is full of potential. In people and organizations, potential lies fallow. My greatest satisfaction and happiness is driven unleashing potential.

Look around this site; you’ll find posts driven by this purpose. You can also find me around the web on the social sites below.

Otherwise, I'm Chief Marketing Officer of a financial services firm in Knoxville, TN, college professor with University of Tennessee, and lawyer. Find out more here.

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Success is more than just having the right ingredients.

We don't cook meals by randomly throwing ingredients into the oven, yet we sometimes approach our businesses this way. We need a plan.

No business is the same, so the recipes must be adapted to the unique circumstances. This requires thought, planning, and testing. Sure, that sometimes this means failure, but with each failure comes refinement for success.

I've been tweaking these recipes for a while and leading teams to success.

Every organization has the potential for success. Most fail for lack of planning and measurement.

Just throwing more "stuff" together doesn't make the result better.

  • Discovery of current state
  • Identifying the anticipated outcomes
  • Building the bridge to get there

I'm not perfect by any means, but I've baked a lot of meatball cakes--enough to make the future better

Image used via creative commons license by Enric Martinez.

The Seven. Current Posts from the Blog.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Whatever happened to genuine conversation? Planned posts and personal brands rule engagement, and we are growing further apart from really engaging. An email I received yesterday hit the right spot. It was engaging, and it reminded me of way back when we would actually reach out and touch someone.

This Little Light: The Story of The Lewster and the One-Legged Man

Acts of intentional caring go a long way. In this post, I tell the story of my dad’s ability to spread light and cheer to those around him by engaging people and caring about them.

The Hawthorn and Being True to Yourself

The Hawthorn cannot be the Redbud or the Magnolia, it is inherently, genetically, and uniquely the Hawthorn. In the naked wood, the Hawthorn adorns its splendor, which is a beautiful reminder of one of my favorite quotes, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”—Oscar Wilde.

And this too shall pass

My confession. I can’t write, but this too shall pass.

Force or Flex?

Do we force our way or adapt to others? Flexing is one of the most difficult yet most successful ways to engage clients.

History Rewards the Fools

A little thought on the fools and the wise.

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