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Unleashing Potential

I believe the world is full of potential. In people and organizations, potential lies fallow. My greatest satisfaction and happiness is driven unleashing potential.

Look around this site; you’ll find posts driven by this purpose. You can also find me around the web on the social sites below.

Otherwise, I'm Chief Marketing Officer of a financial services firm in Knoxville, TN, college professor with University of Tennessee, and lawyer. Find out more here.

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Success is more than just having the right ingredients.

We don't cook meals by randomly throwing ingredients into the oven, yet we sometimes approach our businesses this way. We need a plan.

No business is the same, so the recipes must be adapted to the unique circumstances. This requires thought, planning, and testing. Sure, that sometimes this means failure, but with each failure comes refinement for success.

I've been tweaking these recipes for a while and leading teams to success.

Every organization has the potential for success. Most fail for lack of planning and measurement.

Just throwing more "stuff" together doesn't make the result better.

  • Discovery of current state
  • Identifying the anticipated outcomes
  • Building the bridge to get there

I'm not perfect by any means, but I've baked a lot of meatball cakes--enough to make the future better

Image used via creative commons license by Enric Martinez.

The Seven. Current Posts from the Blog.

The Difference between the Victim and the Victor is all in How You Tell the Story

The reality of darkness and light is in the story not the facts

Life, Love, and Learning: The Journey

What is it that you really want? You probably don’t have to think about it for more than 3 seconds. We want it all, and we want it now. Well, guess what? You can have it. As Bill Clinton said, it all depends on how you define “it.” In law school, I quickly realized that “the answer” earned me very little credit on exams. The analysis that went into the answer is where I scored the points. So too, in life, the journey counts. Along the way, we find life, love, and learning that ultimately arrive at various destinations. This week a few numbers, randomly selected, will forever change a few peoples’ lives. Leading up to the Powerball drawing they probably fantasized about winning. They have what they want. Right? But, as my dad would say, “are they really happy?” Easy for him to say, but seriously, circumventing the journey…

The Will is like Water—Follow the Path of Least Resistance When Motivating Others

The human will is finicky. When we try to change the behavior of others (no matter how minute) it is nearly impossible to direct them without some planning. Activities as simple as clean out the refrigerator become an impossible task.

I’m Afraid

We typically don’t say, “I’m afraid.” In my experience in life, I will say, that those that identify their weakness and act are truly the strongest among us. Their vulnerability gives them strength greater than any overcompensation tactic


Everyone seems exasperated these days.

We Are All Designers

We are all designers. We must master the experiences we create.

Dear MacBook, I wanted this to work (A Breakup Letter)

I really wanted my love affair with the New Macbook to work. It just wasn’t meant to be. Here is my breakup letter. Even if you’re not a techie, I hope you’ll enjoy.

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