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Unleashing Potential

I believe the world is full of potential. In people and organizations, potential lies fallow. My greatest satisfaction and happiness is driven unleashing potential.

Look around this site; you’ll find posts driven by this purpose. You can also find me around the web on the social sites below.

Otherwise, I'm Chief Marketing Officer of a financial services firm in Knoxville, TN, college professor with University of Tennessee, and lawyer. Find out more here.

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Success is more than just having the right ingredients.

We don't cook meals by randomly throwing ingredients into the oven, yet we sometimes approach our businesses this way. We need a plan.

No business is the same, so the recipes must be adapted to the unique circumstances. This requires thought, planning, and testing. Sure, that sometimes this means failure, but with each failure comes refinement for success.

I've been tweaking these recipes for a while and leading teams to success.

Every organization has the potential for success. Most fail for lack of planning and measurement.

Just throwing more "stuff" together doesn't make the result better.

  • Discovery of current state
  • Identifying the anticipated outcomes
  • Building the bridge to get there

I'm not perfect by any means, but I've baked a lot of meatball cakes--enough to make the future better

Image used via creative commons license by Enric Martinez.

The Seven. Current Posts from the Blog.

What Traits in Leadership Do You Admire and Despise?

There are pat answers about what it means to be a leader, but what really matters to you. Here is a list of things that I like and dislike in leadership.

“I could have done that better”

Creators make “stuff;” critics, critique. This is a brief post about trying to do more cool stuff and less complaining about bygones.

@jfloyd’s 10 Tips to #StressLess

Something happened at a point in my career when I became overloaded. It didn’t happen all at once, but when I finally realized how “stressed” I was, it was too late. I’m not a psychologist and I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but these following steps have helped me manage some of the stress in my life.

Finding Common Ground for Better Communication

Common ground is critical for communication. If there is no common ground, then there are two people talking (up/down) to one another, and that’s hardly a conversation.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed by the Overwhelmingness

You’ve likely heard, “don’t eat an elephant at one time.” This has always seemed to apply to major projects. Even little tasks can become overwhelming without notice. Overwhelmingness applies to the little things. You have permission to take a step, give it a shot, go, and possibly fail.

Hey Tennessee, Don’t be Weak Like The Gap, A Rant

Since the watchdog outed the $46,000 logo design of the state of TN, Facebook has been a tizzy. Every part-time designer on The Facebook has shared their opinion. Here is my rant on why Tennessee can’t cave like the ill-fated Gap rebranding of 2010.

Reinventing Ourselves for Happiness (Part II): The Hollowness of Happiness

We’ve fallen in love with “happiness,” but happiness is satisfying only as much as scratching an itch.

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