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Jeremy Floyd

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You're not here to build the bridge, you're just here to get the bridge to stop at the right place.

Mike West, CEO, BPV Capital Management


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Life’s Little Lessons: Listening

Posted on Mar 4 by

Conversations seldom are. For me at least, my mind is rarely present: My mind races to think of what point I want to make next I’m thinking about the lunch meeting that...


“Well Enough” is for Losers

Posted on Feb 7 by

No matter what’s sitting in front of you today, go for it. Truly invest thought and effort into it no matter how menial. There’s no pass for “well enough.”...


We Have Today

Posted on Jan 21 by

Who can tell me what’s going to happen tomorrow? How about a week, a month, or a year from now? I’ve tried. I can’t. In fact, no one has ever been able to...


Knowing When to Zoom and when to Soar

Posted on Jan 16 by

As a “big picture” guy, I’m often accused of flying at 30,000 feet and not thinking about any of the details. On the other end of the spectrum sits the person...


What Are Your 3 Footers?

Posted on Jan 3 by

How many times were you asked what your New Year’s Resolutions were yesterday? Nearly every conversation that I had, “resolutions” came up. Of course, the...


New Year’s Blessing – 2014

Posted on Dec 31 by

I believe in the power of blessings. Whether it is a life-changing event or a marker on time, I believe that the words spoken are significant. Here is a blessing that I wrote for...