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Getting the Most out of Audiobooks: 3 Steps to Maximizing Audible

“When do you have time to read?” is a question that I’m frequently asked. With the pipe to social media wide open, work, kids, and a steady stream of distractions, there really isn’t much time to think, let alone read. In 2006 I joined the Audible Gold Plan[Digital Membership], which allowed me one free credit per month. I listened to tons of books, and today I can’t recall much more than a few concepts. Over the last year, I’ve “consumed” more than 2 books a month, and I’ve developed a system that really works for retention and consumption of great content. Just listening to audiobooks alone really won’t cut it. Here are a few tips to make the audiobook substitute really work.   1. Get the Audible App While you can listen to audiobooks on CD or in iTunes, there are several key advantages to using the Audible App. First of all, and…

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I consume a number of audiobooks, but how do you retain all of the content? Here are a few tips that I use to improve comprehension and use of audiobooks.

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