My Company, Eluminare, is Merging with Bluegill Creative, Today

In 2008, I started a Marketing company, Eluminare, that initially focused on internet marketing and lead generation. The success of the company has exceeded my expectations and those of my clients. It has grown from Internet marketing into virtualized marketing executive consultancy, and most recently it has focused on “growth” consulting with clients. Now, only two years later, it is my great pleasure to announce the merger of Eluminare with Bluegill Creative. So, what’s a Bluegill you may ask? On their website you’ll see: …Bluegill is an integrated marketing communications group serving clients in a variety of fields including healthcare, business to business, finance, real estate, and non-profit. We represent clients throughout the country with local, regional and national marketing, advertising, and branding initiatives. A small fish that thinks big. I, however, like to think of them as a great group of friends. This merger was not conducted in a…

Consultants, Freelancers, Lend Me Your Ears

Do you ever read something that seems to haunt you? I woke up in the middle of the night in cold sweats thinking about this one. I read a Seth Godin post over the weekend, and, as usual, his words struck a chord. This time, however, I could not just post a tweet and go on about my business. I was struck by this one line: Employees and freelancers that produce more than they cost are worth hiring. Too often, it seems, that we can hide behind rationalizations for what we do. We paint these pictures with huge self-congratulation, but at the end of the day, are we producing more than we are charging?

Execution with consistency

What separates success from failure?  What is the difference between a great idea and a profitable business? Execution with consistency. The recent election has great examples of both great execution and poor execution. What was Obama’s message? Ask anybody, the message was change. Every media channel was cohesive and broadcasted consistently.  McCain on the other hand may have had a message but it was so it was diluted with all of the ideas that it was not clear. While McCain appeared in some of the same social outlets, the many messages sounded, well, noisy. With all of the channels that we can use to connect with each other, promote ourselves, and promote our business, we can blitz, but without consistent execution, we risk making a lot of noise. Tags: newmedia, web 2.0, social, media, marketing, noise

Would you shop at my store?

Why should I get off my couch?  Certainly, it should not be to got into Circuit City. Tonight, after sufficient procrastination for my dad’s birthday present, I did my standard online shopping comparison: which relies on a good blog review of the product that I am searching, a froogle of the product, and a quality vs. price comparison. I found that the pricepointed product at Sam’s, was a terrible product–go figure.  Instead I opted for a product with a good review that I have actually test-driven in the past.  Circuit City listed the Garmin c330 for $299 and Best Buy $349.  Since the two stores are a 3 wood apart I opted for the CC option. I walked into the antiquated warehouse model store, and I found my way to GPS department while navigating around the crowded (with employees) firedog counter.  The product sat on the display counter with the…

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