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Why should I get off my couch?  Certainly, it should not be to got into Circuit City. Tonight, after sufficient procrastination for my dad’s birthday present, I did my standard online shopping comparison: which relies on a good blog review of the product that I am searching, a froogle of the product, and a quality vs. price comparison. I found that the pricepointed product at Sam’s, was a terrible product–go figure.  Instead I opted for a product with a good review that I have actually test-driven in the past.  Circuit City listed the Garmin c330 for $299 and Best Buy $349.  Since the two stores are a 3 wood apart I opted for the CC option. I walked into the antiquated warehouse model store, and I found my way to GPS department while navigating around the crowded (with employees) firedog counter.  The product sat on the display counter with the…

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