My Company, Eluminare, is Merging with Bluegill Creative, Today

In 2008, I started a Marketing company, Eluminare, that initially focused on internet marketing and lead generation. The success of the company has exceeded my expectations and those of my clients. It has grown from Internet marketing into virtualized marketing executive consultancy, and most recently it has focused on “growth” consulting with clients. Now, only two years later, it is my great pleasure to announce the merger of Eluminare with Bluegill Creative. So, what’s a Bluegill you may ask? On their website you’ll see: …Bluegill is an integrated marketing communications group serving clients in a variety of fields including healthcare, business to business, finance, real estate, and non-profit. We represent clients throughout the country with local, regional and national marketing, advertising, and branding initiatives. A small fish that thinks big. I, however, like to think of them as a great group of friends. This merger was not conducted in a…

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