Devicification of the Web

As I was presenting ideas about social media and the trends that we are seeing. I used a term that answers some of the critiques of the statusphere: devicification of the Internet. As Google knows where I am through my mobile phone, plaxo tracks my online activities, and possibly my DVR “tweets” the show that I am watching, increasingly the activity status updates will fit my flow. Scary? Hell yes it is, but then again I write about more “revealing” things than “my washer just finished a load of laundry.” Unfortunately, the washer is probably more interesting.

Conversation Era

photo by tochis So, they have talked about it for some time. I just want to say, “it’s here.” Welcome to the age of the conversation. Don’t believe me? Leave me a comment below, and we can talk about it. The days of standing in an auditorium with a spotlight on stage shouting while the audience obediently listens are over. The era of big broadcast messages on television shows, billboards that clutter every open space, or in the pages of your magazine are reaching the end of their usable lives. People are tired of businesses screaming at them and telling them what to buy, at what price and how many. Now consumers are talking to each other, talking to the businesses, and sometimes even shouting back, a little. B 2 C (Business to Consumer) is redefined. Under the new definition, Business to Conversation, businesses eavesdrop on the Consumer to Consumer…

Execution with consistency

What separates success from failure?  What is the difference between a great idea and a profitable business? Execution with consistency. The recent election has great examples of both great execution and poor execution. What was Obama’s message? Ask anybody, the message was change. Every media channel was cohesive and broadcasted consistently.  McCain on the other hand may have had a message but it was so it was diluted with all of the ideas that it was not clear. While McCain appeared in some of the same social outlets, the many messages sounded, well, noisy. With all of the channels that we can use to connect with each other, promote ourselves, and promote our business, we can blitz, but without consistent execution, we risk making a lot of noise. Tags: newmedia, web 2.0, social, media, marketing, noise

Launch Floyd Family Reunion Website

As President of this our Family Reunion this year, I have launched a reunion website. I have a few mashups (pictures, videos, blog, maps).  As I say on the site: All things web web now 2.0, which basically means that the web is at the next level of interconnectivity. Maps can be embedded in web pages; pictures can be shared; but most importantly people’s stories can be shared with one another like never before. As part of this plan, I made some postcards, check them out here.

Facelift & Folders

Google Docs revealed a new look this week: This interface allows you to organize your documents into folders and boasts a clean fresh look. I have been using google docs to write most of my articles for my NEW BLOG about web 2.0 strategies for marketing real estate. I like that I can collaborate in the google interface.

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