Goodbye, Hello

Goodbye to the old. Hello to the new. After using the same theme for several years, I couldn’t maintain the swagger of “Now With 20% More Attitude.” Please make welcome “between you and me.” My blog started as “Discovering Community,” and after a bit of a hiatus for me to think about myself, I am back to community and conversation, between you and me. As always, feedback is welcome.

Launch Floyd Family Reunion Website

As President of this our Family Reunion this year, I have launched a reunion website. I have a few mashups (pictures, videos, blog, maps).  As I say on the site: All things web web now 2.0, which basically means that the web is at the next level of interconnectivity. Maps can be embedded in web pages; pictures can be shared; but most importantly people’s stories can be shared with one another like never before. As part of this plan, I made some postcards, check them out here.

Messenger Bag

I would like to get a new messenger bag (1) because I am gay like a woman who buys a new purse every few months, and (2) I want to be cool.  The bag needs to house a small-medium sized blogging machine, cell phone, ipod, and a 9 mm Glock (for the commute).  Below are a few links to items I have been looking at: MobileEdge Timbuk2 Should I do leather? TUMI Adobe Your suggestions will be noted but likely not followed.  Thanks.

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