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I would like to get a new messenger bag (1) because I am gay like a woman who buys a new purse every few months, and (2) I want to be cool.  The bag needs to house a small-medium sized blogging machine, cell phone, ipod, and a 9 mm Glock (for the commute).  Below are a few links to items I have been looking at:


Should I do leather?



Your suggestions will be noted but likely not followed.  Thanks.

Jeremy Floyd

Jeremy Floyd is the President at FUNYL Commerce. Formerly, he was the CEO and President of Lirio, Bluegill Creative, a marketing and communications firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. In addition to managing the digital strategies, Floyd was an adjunct professor for the University of Tennessee Chattanooga MBA program teaching digital strategies and social media. Floyd blogs at and tweets under the name @jfloyd. Jeremy is licensed to practice law in the State of Tennessee and holds a law degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from MTSU in English and Philosophy.

  • If you at all value our friendship you won’t get leather. Not because I’m “against” leather, but because leather bags are so not hip. 🙂

  • tim standridge

    ………I’d go with the leather ( black ) and a matching ( studded ) collar and don’t forget the pants , boots , jacket , bling-bling ….. the Glock is already a nice touch …….

  • macnn posted a glowing review of waterfield’s mambo combo bag, saying, among other things, it is, “easily the best shoulder bag [the reviewer] has ever used.” All kinds of color, and leather/noleather options. I personally go with crumpler, but then I got mine as a gift. Serious heads in new york go with jack spade. A buddy of mine has a spade, and I can’t front, I dig it. Make sure you click on the “greene street” section if you want to see bags that cost less than three bills — not much less though.

  • I couldn’t get through the day without my Patagonia Critical Mass bag. And the reflector tape makes it easy for cars to see me playing in the middle of the road.

  • So what did you decide?

  • you’d think that I would have decided by now, but the last month has been a doozy. I have time to decide now.

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  • leather bags look really nice specially those natural leather bags, ~-“