Top 10 Things To Do On Black Friday

1. Play vulture by the stock room door and shout orders to the employee like a broker on the trade floor. 2. Create a stir about the huge deals on bananas. 3. Fill a shopping cart full of the hot item, and when someone complains about the limit, shout “limits are for hunting bitch.” 4. In the heaviest traffic aisles, ram your buggy into people’s heels. 5.  Go to the toy section and find the most stressed out employee begin arguing that the paper advertised an item for two cents cheaper than it is priced on the shelf. 6. Start sprinting from one side of the store to the other screaming “the last one is mine.” 7. Find the 300 pound woman with 2 shopping carts full of merchandise and begin screaming, “damnit woman you win. I am all talk no shop .” 8. After finishing number 7, pass gas…

Would you shop at my store?

Why should I get off my couch?  Certainly, it should not be to got into Circuit City. Tonight, after sufficient procrastination for my dad’s birthday present, I did my standard online shopping comparison: which relies on a good blog review of the product that I am searching, a froogle of the product, and a quality vs. price comparison. I found that the pricepointed product at Sam’s, was a terrible product–go figure.  Instead I opted for a product with a good review that I have actually test-driven in the past.  Circuit City listed the Garmin c330 for $299 and Best Buy $349.  Since the two stores are a 3 wood apart I opted for the CC option. I walked into the antiquated warehouse model store, and I found my way to GPS department while navigating around the crowded (with employees) firedog counter.  The product sat on the display counter with the…

Messenger Bag (unboxed)

As you may remember, I was looking for a messenger bag. Well, after much waiting, I finally decided on the Timbuk2 laptop bag, and tonight I was able to unbox. Whoo-hoo! Brown, I love you. Pretty. I feel like I am posting Ebay porn. From the old… to the new (look how the reflector has adds an angelic glow to the new bag).

Messenger Bag

I would like to get a new messenger bag (1) because I am gay like a woman who buys a new purse every few months, and (2) I want to be cool.  The bag needs to house a small-medium sized blogging machine, cell phone, ipod, and a 9 mm Glock (for the commute).  Below are a few links to items I have been looking at: MobileEdge Timbuk2 Should I do leather? TUMI Adobe Your suggestions will be noted but likely not followed.  Thanks.

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