Two Week Eve

Doug went to the doctor today to have everything checked out.  Please find the bullet rundown below: Staples (out). Medicine (in). Heart Catheter (out). Kidney (working). Rejection (not working). Cholesterol (up). Number of kidneyblogging posts (down). Doug’s ankles are unbelievably smaller, the kidney is sucking all of the fluids out of his system.  He has lost a bunch of weight since the surgery. Izaak seems to be doing much better.  He and Doug are spending a lot of time hanging out in Doug’s basement.  Thursday summer school starts, so he is going to have to stop sleeping til noon and drinking beer all night.  Well, I guess school starting never stopped him from that before, so carry on. If you aren’t already sub’d (as Ryan says), then check out Doug’s blog.  He is posting some interesting stuff. The Daily Times, the Blount County newspaper is writing a story on these…

Messenger Bag

I would like to get a new messenger bag (1) because I am gay like a woman who buys a new purse every few months, and (2) I want to be cool.  The bag needs to house a small-medium sized blogging machine, cell phone, ipod, and a 9 mm Glock (for the commute).  Below are a few links to items I have been looking at: MobileEdge Timbuk2 Should I do leather? TUMI Adobe Your suggestions will be noted but likely not followed.  Thanks.

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