Doug’s First Post

I enjoyed three liquid meals today. Chicken both, beef broth and a
little more chicken broth. Plus I had jello and a tasty Italian ice.
Now you’d think that much broth would gag me, but actually it was
pretty delicious. And after each meal I was stuffed to the gizzards.

I’m still peeing in a bag but the good news that bag has been
overflowing all day. Not on the floor but in the measuring cup that
shows the kidney is kicking booty.

Doug E. Fresh

  • Joe Hultquist

    Leave it to Doug to get a kidney that kicks booty. The mechanics of that are beyond me.

    God is good, and so gracious, my friend. We could never thank Him enough for this wonderful work He has done (and is doing).


  • Dawn Cooper

    Booty Kickin’ Kidney…I’m hearing a country tune in my head.

  • Kelly McClung

    Okay guys, I took note of the last comment and wrote y’all a sawng (imagine the worst of country tunes):

    Kickin’ Booty Kidneys

    “We went to the sickhouse, just Izaak and me
    For he meant to give me his dear left kidney.
    We spent the whole day having our surgery
    Till me and Izaak filled a bag of pee-pee.

    Oh the Lord gave us each a workin’ kidney
    One that won’t just give a trickle of a stream.
    We know our Lord is a God of mercy
    For He made some kidneys that could kick booty.”

    Ah’ll saing it fer ye when ah git the chaince.
    God bless you preciouses!

    Kelly “Mack”

  • Bob

    Sooo, Truly – “Your cup runneth over?!” This annointing is on loan from Izaak! I do love teaching that is in right context!

    The girls are excited and loved seeing the pictures. Thanks for all updates. Love, -Bob, Karen, Logan and Morgan.

  • Wow! My first blog posting!! [You guys should be proud of me!]
    Sorry won’t be able to visit you in the hospital like you did me (mobility is a wee little logistically challenging these days…;)
    Chuck keeps trying to come by but hasn’t been able to fit it in his new dad – lack of sleep – building house – and doing music gigs schedule… (He’s currently setting up to play at a wedding tonight)
    🙂 So at least we get to visit this way!!

    April Joy says “gooby goo” too. 🙂

  • Kevin Armstrong

    Isaak, this gift of life that you’ve given is awesome.With that said, Doug owes you big! I’m not sure how he will repay you but here’s some advise.

    You don’t want his brain. He may try to give it to you at some point but don’t take it. Trust me! Maybe some hair folicals if you need them someday, but I would caution you about those as well. At his age, I would not consider the nose or the ears unless you may need more hair folicals. But, if he ever offers you his heart that’s the one you want. Doug has the biggest heart of anyone I know. A heart that is full of the spirit and the love of God.

    I hope you both can find time out of the spot light for rest. It’s bad when the paparazzi follow you in for a kidney transplant…

    Doug, Congratulations on what seems to be a successful surgery. Take it easy on the new kidney. Sounds like it’s a good one. I hope it serves you well for a lifetime.