Can I Get A Break?

Because if I could, I would gladly like to give it to my brother. If it isn’t one thing, then it’s another. This week Doug’s church, Spring of Light Ministries, suffered a devastating loss when…

Four Weeks

Four weeks ago, Doug and Izaak were still in a drug induced state. In the last month, they have recovered wonderfully. Check out the latest updates. Go kidney!

Two Week Eve

Doug went to the doctor today to have everything checked out.  Please find the bullet rundown below: Staples (out). Medicine (in). Heart Catheter (out). Kidney (working). Rejection (not working). Cholesterol (up). Number of kidneyblogging posts…

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I consume a number of audiobooks, but how do you retain all of the content? Here are a few tips that I use to improve comprehension and use of audiobooks.

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