Helping Those Around Us (Hint – You Can Help Too)

When Extreme Makeover came to Knoxville in January, it shed light not only on the needs of the Watson family but the many needs of our community. For me personally, a friend of our family, suffered a severe loss last year. Reed Faulkenberry, 40, died unexpectedly from a heart attack last May. Left behind are his wife Jana and five children ranging in age from 8 to 16. Like many families, the Faulkenberrys purchased a house to renovate and truly make the home of their dreams. However, those plans were cut short with Reed’s untimely death. Since last May, the community has identified different needs to help. Gregor Smee, Principal of Smee + Busby, saw something that most would not identify as a need but most families cannot live without–fun. While Smee was visiting the Faulkenberrys to put up a tree swing in the back yard for one of the daughters,…

Alcoa Highway Cyclist Unhatted

Since 2001, I have made the trek down Alcoa Highway 2-4 times per day.  At the peak of rush hour, I seem to always cross paths with an elderly man pumping up the hill heading south on 129 guarded by a white full rimmed hard hat.  He usually is weighed down with a full day pack, but rain or shine he makes the commute daily. Once I saw the man driving down into Sequoya Hills, but I didn’t have the time to follow him.  The wife and I have discussed lone biker sightings, but she shocked me yesterday to tell me that she actually talked to him.  At Food City on 129, she breezed through the aisles but was stopped in her tracks at the sighting of the white full rimmed hard hat safely settled in the lone biker’s grocery cart. “Excuse me” she said “do you ride your bike…

Tennessee Bar Exam, Essay Topics Summer 2006: Giving Back

Through some help from my friends, we came up with the list of the topics that were tested in the summer 2006.  I hope that you find this helpful. Federal and Tennessee Constitutional Law URLTA – Business Organizations (Pierce the Veil) Secured Transactions Civil Procedure – Torts (GTLA) Contracts – Remedies Commercial Paper – Remedies Professional Responsibility Property Family Law – Conflicts – Civil Procedure Criminal Procedure – Criminal Law Contracts – Remedies Conflicts – Evidence – Civil Procedure Yes, at some point in the near future I will be selling my study materials on eBay.  If you are interested, post a comment, and I will email you when I begin the auction.  I am pretty confident in my materials and think that you would benefit greatly from my materials.

My Apologies TDOT

I don’t mean to complain… A while ago, I posted a complaint about TDOT’s inability to hang signs correctly.  While exiting from 129 N (Alcoa Highway) onto Kingston Pike, the warning sign for the red light is hung upside down.  As noted in that piece, not only is the sign upside down, a crew had to go back to this sign to affix a warning sign about the traffic cameras AND STILL DID NOT FIX THE OBVIOUSLY CARELESS JOB. This week while driving down Vanosdale/Buckingham to Kingston Pike, I saw the second sighting of TDOT’s carelessness. Of course, I immediately had to pull the car to the side of the road and snap a quick shot of the sign because I could hardly believe it was happening to me.  I am probably the only person in the city/state/country that cares about such carelessness, but I could not help but find…

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