Boxer Brings Salvation from Email Hell

My inbox insanity is crippling at times, so it is out of desperation that I write this post. I have tried to manage my inbox, filed email bankruptcy, scoffed at inbox zero zelots, ignored it, grieved, and finally just let it pile up. I have uncovered many coping mechanisms, but I’ve never found a good solution to actually manage my inbox. Enter Boxer. This iOS app has helped me stay on top of email when I’m not in front of the computer,  organize my inbox (and other files), but most importantly it has organized workflow unlike any mail client that I’ve ever used. I was searching for a program that handled Exchange better than Apple’s Mail, and I  installed 3 applications that were simply other Mail clients. Then I came across Boxer. Actions By far the most attractive feature of the app, is the quick handling of each email in a popup…

Armed Against the Tyranny of the Urgent

Years ago I read a little book called the Tyranny of the Urgent. It’s a great read about allowing the unimportant trivialities of life crowding out the most important. We live in a distracted world, and every day in our jobs, personal health, and families, we willingly allow the crisis in front of us to take our eyes off what’s truly important. This week, I looked up from my phone and there was an eleven-year-old young lady standing before me, and I remembered only scant flashes and glimmers of my eight-year-old daughter becoming this beautiful, young lady. Sure, I’m overemphasizing a tad, but the Tyranny of the Urgent has robbed me of focus, true accomplishment, quality, and significance in every aspect of my life. So it clicked when yesterday, I was reminded, “you are empowered to say No.” Everyone has a Getting Things Done “GTD” suggestion to solve all of…

Audiobooks - Getting the Most Out of Your Time

Getting the Most out of Audiobooks: 3 Steps to Maximizing Audible

“When do you have time to read?” is a question that I’m frequently asked. With the pipe to social media wide open, work, kids, and a steady stream of distractions, there really isn’t much time to think, let alone read. In 2006 I joined the Audible Gold Plan[Digital Membership], which allowed me one free credit per month. I listened to tons of books, and today I can’t recall much more than a few concepts. Over the last year, I’ve “consumed” more than 2 books a month, and I’ve developed a system that really works for retention and consumption of great content. Just listening to audiobooks alone really won’t cut it. Here are a few tips to make the audiobook substitute really work.   1. Get the Audible App While you can listen to audiobooks on CD or in iTunes, there are several key advantages to using the Audible App. First of all, and…

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I consume a number of audiobooks, but how do you retain all of the content? Here are a few tips that I use to improve comprehension and use of audiobooks.

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