Leading with Love, Yes, Love

Whether you have the best team on earth or inherit the team of misfits, like Coach Dale, loving them is the difference between winning a game and transforming and forever altering lives. Loving isn’t something that you have or you don’t. It is a journey that may feel good at first but requires great commitment and humility to actually see results. It is not easy or fast or glorious.

Why you should fire employees with poor judgement

Recently, I heard “success” defined as the sum total of all your decisions—specifically limiting the number of bad decisions. For every really bad result, there were a hundred signs along the way. We simply can’t turn a blind eye to the little errors in judgement. Little cheats and little white lies may seem innocent, but however minuscule it may seem at first, the pattern may result in major problems down the road. Do yourself (and probably them) a favor, bring the bad decisions to light early and often.

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