In light of my most recent malady, I figured out a new strategy for the bar exam.  I discovered it tonight while jamming ointment into my eye so that I could make out large objects in the morning. I am going to wear an eye patch into the exam.  Every fifteen minutes or so I will exclaim, “Aaaarrrrrggg, a battery!” or “Aye, he stole that A pence for an old man o’de sea?”  I think this will only enhance my skills on taking the bar exam;  in fact, I may just write pirate speak on the test.  The examiners would have to love it. You may think you have a game face for exams, but I’ll guarantee you would crumble at the site Pirate Floyd!  Shivver me timbers!

Study break

Okay, for the study break, we loaded up the fam and took a trip to the mall–no better way to relax than to travel to the marketplace and smell the refreshing air of capitalism at work.  As Doug watching noted, the Apple store is a real marvel.  It was packed with a bunch of geek chic salespeople (converted 90’s Gap employees) and hordes of tech-interested customers.  Basically it was a hit. Then we made it around to the Dell store, but it was temporarily closed.  Evidently, they had to evacuate all of the customers, shut down the store, and then reopen it.  We didn’t have time to wait around, so we went and had chocolate.

On ramp ups

Radiohead, 2+2=5, may have given me a concussion today as the anticipated ramp up (? opposite of break down?) built.  I madly shook all parts of my body eventually hitting my head on the keyboard all while the daughter onlooked in silent dismay and the wife shook her head in embarrassment.  This is when I officially declared Saturday afternoon, study break. If you care to join me load the iPod with some Radiohead and forget about the rule against perpetuities, irreconcilable differences, and dram shop liability. P.S. I am a much better dancer with the accompaniment of the 5 wheels on my office chair.

Brain Food

I thought that I would research a diet that is conducive to massive brain cramming.  On the one hand, the Franklin Institute has a sensible and reasonably anticipated healty diet. On the other hand, Popular Science advocates a more logical diet–coffee and cigarettes.  I prefer the latter by day with cold beer by night!

Chuck on Law

Chuck Norris passed the bar exam but decided not to become a lawyer. His reasoning was that the only law people followed rested within his right boot. Chuck Norris recently applied to take the Illinois bar. At first, he only submitted an application with the name, “Chuck Norris” printed on it. When he received a letter from the board of bar examiners stating that his application was incomplete, he sent them a picture of himself in a crouching position, ready for a roundhouse attack. The board then replied with a letter stating that not only did he automatically pass character and fitness, but also that he did not even have to sit for the bar to become licensed. The reason people say to choose C for a multiple choice exam when you don’t know the answer is because C stands for Chuck… Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris puts the “laughter” back…


So… I keep bitching about taking the Tennessee Bar Exam, and I thought that at least one person might be curious about what all it entails. I will sketch a thumbnail of the process, and if anyone wants to chime in (hint Miranda) then feel free. The bar exam can be described in a number of ways, but of all the descriptions that I have heard not a single one is good. Today an attorney friend sent the following encouragement, “I am truly sorry you are going through the hell of that exam.” Hazing may be the most accurate term for the process. THE TEST: The test will take place 4 weeks from now on July 26 & 27. We will first be tested on the Multi-state subjects on Wednesday. We will have two 3 hour sessions with 200 questions total (1.8 minutes per question). Then we have the honor…

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