Shiny Apple

I was sweating, a little.  I walked into make a big presentation, plugged in the Macbook Pro to the projector and the screen flickered like a filtered cinemax channel, I could barely see my presentation (much like I could barely see the soft porn on the filtered cinemax). Ugh, the projector was zapped my head was pumping, sweat glistening, and I was working on v10 of my resume in my mind. Fortunately, I brought another projector, which is why I make the big bucks. I plugged it in and it was better but not perfect. The presentation went on, and everything was okay. Turns out that the problem was with the DVI port on the old Macbook Pro.  I called Apple Care and they told me that I could send it to the repair center, or I could take it to the Apple Store.  I decided on the latter, but…

Can’t Wait For Mac Office 2008

Being an early adopter for Leopard has been bitter sweet.  I have had a more windows-like experience with my Mac than ever before, but that, in part, is the problem with the upgrade vs. clean install.  Setting aside a day for a clean install doesn’t quite fit into my schedule. I have decided, however, that I will do a clean install when Mac Office 2008 is released January 15.

Cure All…

I tell this joke once a week, which describes too much about my life. A chemist, an electrical engineer, and a software engineer are riding in a car together. All of a sudden and without any apparent explanation, the car comes to a stop. The electrical engineer says, “There must be a problem with the electronics,” and starts to open up the fuse panel. The chemist says, “No, no, there must be a problem with the fuel line.” At this point, the software engineer starts to get out of the car. “Where are you going?” ask the other two. The software engineer gives them a puzzled look and says, “Well, all we have to do is get out and get back in.”

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