5 Macworld / Apple Predictions for 2009

On the eve of Macworld 2009, I wanted to put out my predictions for both Macworld and Apple for the year 2009. Now, I have to preface these predictions with the fact that I am in no way qualified to make any of these assertions, but this is just my observations. 1. Steve Jobs will resign this year. For months, I believe some of the best minds in the world have been planning the transition, which has had as much time and energy invested as the Obama administration transition. The successor is going to be tapped to be a luminary torchbearer with passion and insight, so that Apple will not suffer the same fate as the previous departure. 2. Macworld is going to be as sensational if not more than usual this year. Apple is going to strive harder than ever to prove that they are independent of Steve. This…

Shiny Apple

I was sweating, a little.  I walked into make a big presentation, plugged in the Macbook Pro to the projector and the screen flickered like a filtered cinemax channel, I could barely see my presentation (much like I could barely see the soft porn on the filtered cinemax). Ugh, the projector was zapped my head was pumping, sweat glistening, and I was working on v10 of my resume in my mind. Fortunately, I brought another projector, which is why I make the big bucks. I plugged it in and it was better but not perfect. The presentation went on, and everything was okay. Turns out that the problem was with the DVI port on the old Macbook Pro.  I called Apple Care and they told me that I could send it to the repair center, or I could take it to the Apple Store.  I decided on the latter, but…

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