How To: Copy Auto-complete / Auto-fill Email From Outlook

I have always had people ask, “how can I import the auto-fill email addresses in Outlook?” Usually, this question arises after the previous installation is gone, and the only backup is a PST file.  Microsoft offers this solution: On the computer with the saved AutoComplete names, go to drive:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. Right-click profile name.nk2, and then click Copy.   Tip  You can copy the file to removable media, such as a floppy disk or a CD, and then copy the file to the correct location on the other computer. Or you can attach the file to an e-mail message and send the message to yourself. On the new computer, open the attachment in Outlook, and then save it to the correct location.   On the computer where you want to populate the AutoComplete feature, copy the file to drive:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. If the Outlook user profile name…

Google Mail/Talk Adds AIM to Online Chat

Several months ago I was in a meeting and a question came up where the other person needed to jump on my computer and chat with a developer.  Their preferred medium was MSN (for what reason, I don’t know). She had to go through the configuration of the MSN Client, d/l an update, login and 20 minutes later she was chatting–good work.  Then I had a chattable Q that came up, I jumped on and fired away my question (20 seconds). Now that Gmail has AIM embedded in their interface, change all of your online friends to gtalk or aim and punt all of your MSN contacts–I don’t care what LIVE has to offer, MSN is a pain.

Cure All…

I tell this joke once a week, which describes too much about my life. A chemist, an electrical engineer, and a software engineer are riding in a car together. All of a sudden and without any apparent explanation, the car comes to a stop. The electrical engineer says, “There must be a problem with the electronics,” and starts to open up the fuse panel. The chemist says, “No, no, there must be a problem with the fuel line.” At this point, the software engineer starts to get out of the car. “Where are you going?” ask the other two. The software engineer gives them a puzzled look and says, “Well, all we have to do is get out and get back in.”

Rewind That: Picking an Alternative Ending for Apple TV

Happiness, for me, on January 9th was not anxiously awaiting Steve Jobs announcement; it was instead watching the Doctor’s announcement of the latest Floyd line, baby boy Floyd. However, once the kid popped, I was glad to dive into news of the new iPhone and appletv. In a post delivery daze, I fumbled through pages of phone porn for hours pondering all the while creative tactics to avoid Verizon’s early termination penalties. Big Score Cingular. I finally turned my attention to appletv (“ATV”) to see the great apple offering. Although a PC user, I’ve got love for Apple, and I really thought that ATV was going to whip the competition. 40 GB hard drive, HDMI out, composite out, the specs on this little appliance seemed appealing, but then there was the glaring omission: where was the TV tuner card? About a year and a half ago, I built an HTPC…

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