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On the way to work yesterday, I saw a Garage Sale yard sign that looked much like a real estate sign.  The sign was framed with a nice clean red border.  It had a grey background, and the words Garage Sale were in a Georgia font with character spacing.  It was a truly nice looking sign, and it absolutely failed its objective. I looked to the sign with a certain expectation and garage sale was not one of them.  Typically, Garage Sale signs are obnoxious, neon, in your face, and short lived.  A professional sign conveys everything but Garage Sale this weekend only! I think it is important to think about not only who you are marketing your idea to but also what their expectations are.  For the yard/garage saler, they expect the homemade neon poster.

Frescata: buyer beware

So, Wendy’s trying to take a piece of the urban chic niche, has released their modified market fresh frescata. If you are looking for a good sandwich stay away from this one. The marketing may have sucked me in, but the food engineers disappointed. When you open the customized sandwich bag the sourdough baggete slides out and matches pictured sandwich, but when you bring it close to your nose, you ask where’s the beef? This specialized sandwich doesn’t smell like a sub, it smells like a single. The bread may have been “baked fresh” but when they made my sandwich it was at least 2 days old. The whole combination was weird. Wendy’s does burgers. Wendy’s did burgers when Hardee’s was still frying chicken. They need to stick to their guns and make burgers and the occasional obligatory chicken sandwich.

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