Frescata: buyer beware

So, Wendy’s trying to take a piece of the urban chic niche, has released their modified market fresh frescata. If you are looking for a good sandwich stay away from this one. The marketing may have sucked me in, but the food engineers disappointed. When you open the customized sandwich bag the sourdough baggete slides out and matches pictured sandwich, but when you bring it close to your nose, you ask where’s the beef? This specialized sandwich doesn’t smell like a sub, it smells like a single. The bread may have been “baked fresh” but when they made my sandwich it was at least 2 days old. The whole combination was weird. Wendy’s does burgers. Wendy’s did burgers when Hardee’s was still frying chicken. They need to stick to their guns and make burgers and the occasional obligatory chicken sandwich.


Okay. The creative angst is too strong, I have to take another break from studying. While studying eavesdropping at ABC, I learned of the work of Greg Mortenson, a mountain climber that nearly lost his life scaling K2. He vowed to build schools for the indigent children of Pakistan, and has sold everything to make good on his promise. I hate missions as I have always known them.  In my Baptist church, missions meant sticking tracks on urinals (if you don’t understand this, don’t worry imagine someone placing information they deem to be the most important information they could share 8 inches above where your piss hits the ceramic). Then in the 90s with the advent of the super-church, missions analogized to the Wal-Mart approach to Christianity–not gaining new parishioners just converting all of the others to your super-church. YUCK! Basically I rest in the sovereignty of God and have…


I have been using Lingo for over a year now, and after much complaining I have finally succomb to the wife’s pressures–we are switching to a more mainstream phone service. Charter is now offering a total package (phone, Internet 3mb, digital cable) for $99/month. Besides the 28 day lead time, I am excited about testing out the new service. Lingo was a feature rich service. I could control through an online interface my voicemail, call forwarding options, simultaneous ring, voicemail to email. My two favorite features were voicemail to email and universal numbers. All of my voicemails would forward to my gmail account. This feature saved me an enormous amount of time b/c I could take screening to the next level. For example, if I saw my mom’s phone number, I could just delete without preview because I am sure that the message would go something like, “Hey, just wanted…

Soul and Body

Typical morning conversation: 3 year old daughter:  “Daddy, was I in Heaven before I was born?” Me:  “Well, actually that is a great question.  First we have to distinguish between the physical and the spiritual or ‘animus.’ Philosophers often debate over the creation or pre-existance of spirit.  I, for one, believe that the animus and the physical creation occur simultaneously at conception, and that man does not necessarily pre-exist his body but does post-exist his body.” 3 year old daughter: “Daddy, I like Fruit Loops.” Me: “I do too, little girl.”

One quick post before I go

I have my last in-class final one week from Monday.  Basically, I need to learn 40% of the material and re-learn the remaining 60%, so I should be studying right now.  Instead, I am looking for everything that I can possibly do to avoid studying (i.e. clean the office, go to the post office, floss my teeth, floss the dog’s teeth, etc.), of course. The trip to the post office, however, is the reason that I write.  I picked up an order that Amazon  made me sign for (not sure why I had to sign for these two books: Secured Transactions and The Rise of the Creative Class).  On the way to the PO, I was pondering the rise imminent global domination of China in light of President Hu’s American vacation.  I haven’t formalized a position on this issue, but I will admit that I am spooked by America being…

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