9-11 For Sale

I feel a little strange about paying 10 bucks to go and see a movie about the 9-11 attacks.  Universal studios is presenting a “real-time” depicition of the events of the morning of 9-11 on flight 93.  Strange thing, Discovery released The Flight That Fought Back some time back, and it was a very interesting depection of those events. These movies are unique because of the gravity of the events to which they depict.  When I watched the Discovery movie, the same spectrum of emotions that I felt on 9-11 were again palpable.  It was presented as a documentary style and purported to unbiasly present the facts of the Flight 93 story to me.  Hollywood on the other hand does a poor job at unbias.  At best, they can base on true stories, and then grossly exagerate. There is something about paying for this story to be retold to me…

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