Leading with Love, Yes, Love

Whether you have the best team on earth or inherit the team of misfits, like Coach Dale, loving them is the difference between winning a game and transforming and forever altering lives. Loving isn’t something that you have or you don’t. It is a journey that may feel good at first but requires great commitment and humility to actually see results. It is not easy or fast or glorious.

Resolve This

It’s that time of year again when we start the process of remaking ourselves. This year I’ve “resolved” to try something different. Instead of trying to improve myself, what if I try improving the life of someone else. What are your ideas.

Public WiFi: It is Free, But Is it Safe?

Public wifi is convenient, fast, and heck it’s free, but it’s not safe. Your information and even keystrokes are available for hackers to collect and use nefariously. I’ve evaluated 4 different options. More than virus protection, this is one of the most important security vulnerabilities that we expose ourselves to regularly.

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I consume a number of audiobooks, but how do you retain all of the content? Here are a few tips that I use to improve comprehension and use of audiobooks.

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