Practicing Story by Telling – The Tale of Piña Diablo

I sat down this morning to write the second post about the power of story. As I began to organize my thoughts, I thought I would write about the elements of a good story–you know drawing on the elementary aspects (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and my favorite denouement– mainly because I like saying French words with confidence), and then I remembered the day in college when we discussed the elements of story my friend Rob fell out of his chair after falling into a deep sleep. Then, instead of boring you to death, I thought that I would discuss the distraction versus attention nature of story, and then, deep in thought, I too fell out of my chair like Rob. The thing is, I’m not writing to the search engines, I’m writing to the handful of people that have actually given me a few minutes of their time,…

The Power of Story

I LOVE story. Whether telling stories of the most mundane event that happened on the way to the office or recounting a story of tradition passed through my family, stories excite me. Stories have the power to transport me to another place and experience a whole different world. Growing up, The Floyd house was rich with story. Dinnertime was the venue for my dad, an FBI agent, to weave rich tales from the day’s experience to create our own private Miami Vice. As the head of the SWAT team, he was the first in the door and the last to leave the raid, so the experiences were deep. With a breadstick-made-shotgun, he’d make real the story of the arrest with such conviction that no one around the table dared utter a peep. In fact, the family learned to motion for the butter instead of asking as to “politely” not interrupt…

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