Celebration Thursday

Today, I celebrate. This afternoon UT College of Law will dismiss their last class and students will get that glut in their throats that their lives will be on hold for the next three weeks. Not me. This afternoon I am going to leave work, go home, drink a beer, and celebrate that for the first time in three years I did not have to go through that hell of law school finals.

2006 Tennessee Bar Exam Study Materials now on eBay

I have listed my study materials on eBay.  If you are interested in passing the bar in February 2007, you should check out this auction.  In addition to the standard BARBRI and PMBR materials, I have included a custom prepared subject study outline for each subject, which is short enough to review the week before the exam. Happy Bidding.

Tennessee Bar Exam, Essay Topics Summer 2006: Giving Back

Through some help from my friends, we came up with the list of the topics that were tested in the summer 2006.  I hope that you find this helpful. Federal and Tennessee Constitutional Law URLTA – Business Organizations (Pierce the Veil) Secured Transactions Civil Procedure – Torts (GTLA) Contracts – Remedies Commercial Paper – Remedies Professional Responsibility Property Family Law – Conflicts – Civil Procedure Criminal Procedure – Criminal Law Contracts – Remedies Conflicts – Evidence – Civil Procedure Yes, at some point in the near future I will be selling my study materials on eBay.  If you are interested, post a comment, and I will email you when I begin the auction.  I am pretty confident in my materials and think that you would benefit greatly from my materials.

Winter 2005 Tennessee Bar Exam Topics

Curious if anyone knows what topics were tested in February.  I have a short and incomplete list that I have gathered.  If anyone can fill in the blanks that would be helpful. 1. 2. Ethics 3. 4. Personal Property 5. Evidence 6. Partnerships 7. Torts 8. 9. 10. 11. Article IX 12. Comments are welcomed: share the wealth.

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