Tivo Generation: Television 5.0

It is hardly proper for me, the person who had the pleasure of a remote control and VCR throughout most of my memory, to poke fun at the Tivo generation, but my daughter gave me pause this morning.  While watching the morning cartoons in the kitchen, on one of our too many televisions, I missed an interesting advertisement and noted such to the daughter.  She said “well just rewind it.”  Again tonight while watching a DVD, the daughter instructed us to “rewind” to replay a vanished line. In the Tivo/ondemand/youtube world information is at our fingertips and we can always grab clips of Michael Richards fiasco on some outlet just as easily as catching a missed episode of your favorite sitcom.  I love how easy it is to forget about the TV 4.0 life. On a side note, as I was composing this post, the daughter asked what I was…

2006 Tennessee Bar Exam Study Materials now on eBay

I have listed my study materials on eBay.  If you are interested in passing the bar in February 2007, you should check out this auction.  In addition to the standard BARBRI and PMBR materials, I have included a custom prepared subject study outline for each subject, which is short enough to review the week before the exam. Happy Bidding.

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