9-11 For Sale

I feel a little strange about paying 10 bucks to go and see a movie about the 9-11 attacks.  Universal studios is presenting a “real-time” depicition of the events of the morning of 9-11 on flight 93.  Strange thing, Discovery released The Flight That Fought Back some time back, and it was a very interesting depection of those events. These movies are unique because of the gravity of the events to which they depict.  When I watched the Discovery movie, the same spectrum of emotions that I felt on 9-11 were again palpable.  It was presented as a documentary style and purported to unbiasly present the facts of the Flight 93 story to me.  Hollywood on the other hand does a poor job at unbias.  At best, they can base on true stories, and then grossly exagerate. There is something about paying for this story to be retold to me…

Data, data, everywhere

Indeed living in the twenty-first century is a blast. Anything and everything that we need to know is a Google search away, but admittedly the downside of all this data is nothingness. With all of this data, one may prove any point they are trying to make. Sometime ago my brother posted a thoughtful analysis of this on his blog called, Social Gatekeepers. It is worth a read.

Ripening Apathy

I have been through difficult times in my life. For example, the first year of law school was so challenging that I made a little butterfly my best bedfellow, but these last few weeks have proven to be much worse. If there is such as disease as Senioritis then my senior is inflamed. I can barely make it another day, and as a colleague articulated yesterday, “it’s not just school, I don’t want to get out of bed.” Amen brother. I have one foot in school and one foot at work (which is somewhat like being an octopus because i have me feet in all kinds of things there), and then I split the rest of my apathy to church and family. YIKES! I just don’t care. I remember my senior year of high school was very similar. My motto was F* IT! I was palpably apathetic then, but what…

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