Maybe You’re Asking the Wrong Question: The Value of a Story and Conversation

How do you determine what a product is worth? We are such good consumers. We quickly quantify whether a transaction has good value or bad value, and most often, we look exclusively at the market value of the product to ascertain its value. For example, what would you want to know about this bracelet before buying it? Price? Weight of the rubies? Weight and quality of the diamonds? Type of precious metal and weight? Authenticity? But, what if I told you this story about the bracelet? Do you think that would change your perception? (note: this scene drops you into the middle of a heist movie. there are a few shots with bloody faces–if that bothers you, don’t watch the video) Excerpt from Comes a Bright Day (2012) watch the video here Well, is the value of the bracelet the same? This scene brilliantly illustrates the value that story brings…

The Power of Story

I LOVE story. Whether telling stories of the most mundane event that happened on the way to the office or recounting a story of tradition passed through my family, stories excite me. Stories have the power to transport me to another place and experience a whole different world. Growing up, The Floyd house was rich with story. Dinnertime was the venue for my dad, an FBI agent, to weave rich tales from the day’s experience to create our own private Miami Vice. As the head of the SWAT team, he was the first in the door and the last to leave the raid, so the experiences were deep. With a breadstick-made-shotgun, he’d make real the story of the arrest with such conviction that no one around the table dared utter a peep. In fact, the family learned to motion for the butter instead of asking as to “politely” not interrupt…

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