How to: Sort Your RSS Feeds

When I started subscribing to RSS feeds I had an annoying system service/program, SharpReader. Generally, it was a decent program–with a pain in the ass installation. It certainly didn’t help me in first year Torts class because it was popping RSS alerts every 15 seconds. I only read a few feeds at the time, but Instapundit was one of them hence the problem with paying attention. After a brief fling with newsgator, I decided to try out Bloglines and have been with it ever since. I have always used a topical organization of my feeds, but over time my subs grew and now with 91 feeds and more than 2000 unread articles on a regular basis, I need a different solution. In response, I have decided to have 3 categories: (1) Daily, (2) Weekend, and (3) Leisure. In my daily subs, I am going to include subscriptions that are relevant…

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