Today Was a Good Day

Fortunately, no AK, and even a little Coldplay. Spending a better part of my life being that guy,  all the time sometimes, I fall into the mainstream…sorry, but I freaking love this band. Favorite Tracks, so far: Strawberry Swing Death and All His Friends Life in Technicolor Viva La Vida

Wi-fi Wi-fe

Last fall my wife felt certain that she was a match for my brother’s kidney donation. She bravely stepped up to the task, the day she found out about his need for kidney donation. She went through the process of organ donation, and the hospital noticed an irregularity in her heart. We went through a topsy-turvey month. Doctors said that she had a complete congenital heart block, which meant that the top of her heart was not communicating with the bottom of her heart. Although some of the specialists disagreed, she ultimately had to have a pacemaker implanted. Although I covered the play by play kidney transplant, I was a little overwhelmed to live-blog the pacemaker insertion. She was a trooper, and I am very proud of her. Her pacemaker is pretty high-tech, which officially makes her more wired than me.  But this little jewel emails, txt messages, and updates…

Messenger Bag (unboxed)

As you may remember, I was looking for a messenger bag. Well, after much waiting, I finally decided on the Timbuk2 laptop bag, and tonight I was able to unbox. Whoo-hoo! Brown, I love you. Pretty. I feel like I am posting Ebay porn. From the old… to the new (look how the reflector has adds an angelic glow to the new bag).

New Tunes sidebar

I added a sidebar element to my blog today that lists the music that I am currently listening to. I will keep the list limited to 10 or so entries. The links will take you to the iTunes music store where you can preview and or purchase the tune for only $.99, and, well, I may get a little cut of that…

Frescata: buyer beware

So, Wendy’s trying to take a piece of the urban chic niche, has released their modified market fresh frescata. If you are looking for a good sandwich stay away from this one. The marketing may have sucked me in, but the food engineers disappointed. When you open the customized sandwich bag the sourdough baggete slides out and matches pictured sandwich, but when you bring it close to your nose, you ask where’s the beef? This specialized sandwich doesn’t smell like a sub, it smells like a single. The bread may have been “baked fresh” but when they made my sandwich it was at least 2 days old. The whole combination was weird. Wendy’s does burgers. Wendy’s did burgers when Hardee’s was still frying chicken. They need to stick to their guns and make burgers and the occasional obligatory chicken sandwich.

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