Wi-fi Wi-fe

Last fall my wife felt certain that she was a match for my brother’s kidney donation. She bravely stepped up to the task, the day she found out about his need for kidney donation. She went through the process of organ donation, and the hospital noticed an irregularity in her heart. We went through a topsy-turvey month. Doctors said that she had a complete congenital heart block, which meant that the top of her heart was not communicating with the bottom of her heart. Although some of the specialists disagreed, she ultimately had to have a pacemaker implanted. Although I covered the play by play kidney transplant, I was a little overwhelmed to live-blog the pacemaker insertion.

She was a trooper, and I am very proud of her.

Her pacemaker is pretty high-tech, which officially makes her more wired than me.  But this little jewel emails, txt messages, and updates a website:

This device actually only sends messages to the physician in emergency cases, and in all other cases the doc can log into a website and check the body stats via the Lumax ICD. In addition to the communication features, this ICD has a defibrillator that can send shocks through your body when needed in emergency situations. Hell I can’t even get my phone to send text messages correctly half the time, and now my body will be able to.

It can email, txt message, shock your heart, call your doctor, update a website.  I am sure that in there are a few guys who could forego the wife and just carry this little gem…

Jeremy Floyd

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