Keys to Conversation: Integrated Communication for Non-profits

Most of us are decent conversationalists. Some listening, a little talking, a joke or two, an interesting story, and just like that you have a conversation. Unfortunately, when we slap a word like “communications” on it, it’s like we’ve ripped the training wheels off and we have no idea what to do. Some communications are like eating an ice cream sundae prepared by an alien who had seen food, once. It has some of the ingredients but it is terribly unlike a conversation. We can do better. Part of the issue is that cash-strapped organizations focus on the least important aspects of the sundae. While shaving cream may look like whipped cream, the experience tastes markedly different. It’s fairly common for organizations to answer “how” with little consideration for who, what and why? So “why” are you interesting? Have you found yourself in a conversation with someone that could not…

Case Study: Nonprofit Use of Social Media Raises $10,000 in 5 Days

Occasionally, you come across a campaign that you cannot get out of your mind. The work that Jami Mullikin did with Safe Harbor, a domestic violence non-profit in Greenville SC, has had that stickiness for me. While I occasionally talk about the campaign with clients, the details of the actual campaign were sparse. Finally, this weekend, I spoke with Jami about presenting the case study to my social media MBA class, and he agreed. (See the Google Hangout video at the bottom of this post) In short, here’s what really appealed to me about the campaign: Clear call to action: give $5 Emotionally connecting: the video genuinely made a connection with the audience Well designed landing page–more than a “donate now” button Viral growth through social network It generated results 1. Strategy Safe Harbor needed to raise $10,000 by the end of the year. Instead of pursuing a single large gift they…

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