I recently asked a friend: “what words would you use to describe me?” He thought for a moment and said: Philosophical Technological Caring Brash Wow! We walk around with so many perceptions of what people think of us, but how often do we take the time to ask them? More importantly, how often do we take a minute to encourage those that are in our lives? It may be the most encouraging words that the person will hear or read all day. Here’s my challenge to you. Take 5 minutes right now and tell the first 5 people that pop into your brain four words that they bring to this world. Shoot them a tweet, text message or write on their wall. Use the #4Words4Friends hastag. Hopefully, it sparks an interesting conversation and you’ll have an opportunity to elaborate into a rich conversation. Please leave a comment about your story…

Shark Teeth

I guess I’m suffering from a vacation hangover. As I drove to work this morning, I shouted “punchbug” with no kids to echo the VW sighting. Sitting at my desk, images of the long days on the beach are flashing on my monitor. In honor of the R&R, I had a vacation observation that I thought I would post for you. People do all types of things on the beach: they play corn hole, ladder ball, paddle ball, frisbee, swim, surf, sing, and sleep. Some curious folks spend hours combing the sand with metal detectors to turn up a few buried treasures. Still others walk the beach looking for shells and other treasures that the ocean yields to the shore. On occasion a child exclaims, “I found a shark tooth.” That moment is special because of the scarcity of shark teeth rendered on the sandy beach, but really there are…

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