While I may still be studying like a crackhead diligent student for this crazy bar exam, I am officially a Doctor of Jurisprudence.  In the mail today I received a large cylindrical package, which is a real pleasure to see perched in the mailbox.  I snapped the seal and sure enough a diploma.  Whoo hoo.  Now, I have joined the ranks of those who have also received their diplomas by mail. Ironically, the student loan company also sent a lovely note in the mail.  They said that I will be paying for the aforementioned document until I retire.  Cheers!


As I walked through my house today and saw a bouquet of deformed helium balloons flopped into the corner of living room like some abandoned web of a three week old celebration, I thought to myself I should really pick those up.  I am daily tripping over things that were priorities just one month ago, but my priorities changed.  One day I will be able to pick up all of the beer caps on my basement floor but right now, this darned bar exam is sucking all of the life out of me.  I am sure that it will get worse before it gets better.


Bar Prep started today. BAR/BRI four hours a day in class and ??? hours outside of class until July 11, and then two weeks of hell before the big days July 26 and 27! As most of law school went, some people are freaking out, some people are acting cool but freaking out internally, and others are just not really paying attention. Turning on the hard core studying a little over a week after we graduated is a real challenge, but I am up to it. Sorry the posts have been sparse. After graduation, I was working tons of hours, and now it looks like I am going to try to keep working some and study for this bar. I will try to post some in the coming months about the process and the change of stress level. One publication that I read suggested 600 hours of studying over the…


In a few short hours, I am going to walk across the stage and be graduated from my college as a Doctor of Jurisprudence.  Most of my colleagues will join me to walk.  A few will not. Sure, graduation is a highly choreographed event that has little actual relevance, but these grand celebrations season an otherwise bland life.  We pause ordinary time and transform it from ordinary into extraordinary.  We do this to recognize accomplishment, and we set apart time and space to honor achievement.  Otherwise, we may as well get a degree at Phoenix University. This degree, unlike any other, is very surreal to me because as the wife says, it will be my last.  So today, I pause and consider the monument of today. Today is special to me because I know that I could not have done this without my wife.  She left the security of her…

Update: Holy Crap!

Okay, well I showed up bright and early this morning to turn in the exam.  The dean had a voicemail from my professor, and she agreed to accept the exam.  Later they agreed to not bar my exam from submission, but they did decide that they would dock my grade on the exam by 2/3 of a letter grade.  That is better than I deserved but worse than I had hoped. Looks like I may still graduate!  The wife is thankful, but when I get home, I am guaranteed an earful!

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