The Downfall is in the Details: the Apple iPhone 6 Presentation

Meticulous prep produced the infamous 9:41 timestamp on the now-iconic iPhone screen. Steve Jobs, the masterful presenter, timed every transition, every demo, and every slide with menacing precision. Why wouldn’t he? He’s the guy that mastered the magical reveal with Wringling appeal. Jobs obsessed over every detail: the layout of the motherboards, the material of the screws in the machine, and rhythmic timing of the slides. The showman knew his audience, and he knew how to create the greatest show on earth. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 6 is fine, and the Apple WATCH is expected. But, where is the bearded lady? The shock and awe? The presentation isn’t magical, so what’s the allure? Today’s presentation doesn’t exceed expectations, and it doesn’t exceed because it is satisfactory. For starters, at 10:08:17 AM PST, Cook makes the big reveal: Eight minutes and seventeen seconds into “wish we could say more” event. They…

This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on a Smartphone.

As a constant fan of CBS Sunday Morning, I’m always intrigued to see what stories they are cooking up for the weekly magazine–I know, call me “O-L-D.” This week’s cover story focused on the Connected World’s obsession with smartphones. Ultimately, this piece asks the question that some of the more reflective (and unplugged) among us might be asking: in the most technologically advanced and connected society in history, are we isolating ourselves into silos? This piece calls on experts like: MIT psychologist Sherry Turkle who just finished her book Alone Together. Nicholas Carr, the anti-tech apologist,  makes a cameo in this piece. He famously wrote The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains in 2010. At that time, Carr made the circuit touting the speculation was that our brains were no longer capable of deep thought because of the instant and shifting focus required to use the web. Researcher Sergey Golitsynskiy who just completed…

You Can’t Break the Internet

Have you ever seen a kid with an iPad? It’s amazing.  Kids ages 3 to 13 kids jump in without hesitation. I remember over a decade ago when I worked with new computer users there was a “fear” about using computers. After thousands of user surveys and focus groups, there is no question that “fear” plays a big role in how people interact with technology. Here’s the thing: You Can’t Break The Internet Give it a whirl. Create that account. Test out the new technology. In all reality, you will create the account and never visit the site again, but maybe just maybe, you will encounter something so revolutionary and amazing that it captivates your attention. That’s the great technology easter egg hunt that we are all playing. Go find some eggs, you won’t break anything. I promise. Occasionally, we all need a reminder: come on in the water’s just fine.

Replace Original iPhone with Original iPhone

So, I am lame. I am writing about replacing an obsolete device with an obsolete device, but I did a pretty extensive search–no luck. Anyway, there seem to be plenty of 3G owners out there that did not recycle their originals. If you are like me and you don’t want to ‘spring for the goods’ until you are sure that a newer, shinier, cleaner iPhone is coming down the pike, substituting another Original may be a good short term solution. 1. Make sure to get a really good backup of your current iPhone by syncing with iTunes. 2. On the replacement phone follow these steps: Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings on your original iPhone. FYI-this takes a stupid amount of time. When the iPhone says 1 hour to erase it means 1 hour. Watching the progress bar move is akin to watching a seed…

How to: Watch an iPhone Movie Handsfree in the Air (for Free)

Okay, I have to start this post by giving credit to an unnamed origami-ist that sat several rows in front of me on a flight from San Diego several weeks ago. Whoever you are, nice work. In the eternal quest of being lazy innovative, we Americans are always spending more energy to do less work seeking ways to improve our exerted effort. But, seriously, holding an iPhone for a feature length presentation is just ridiculous (pinkies cramping, carpal tunnel, you get the picture). This little hack is an easy way to create an iPhone holder on the airplane with products available in the seat in front of you. First, reach in the pocket of the seat in front of you and pick your favorite publication to deface (SkyMall, US Airways, etc., try not to use the emergency information card that might be equivalent to saying the b word on the…

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