The Downfall is in the Details: the Apple iPhone 6 Presentation

Meticulous prep produced the infamous 9:41 timestamp on the now-iconic iPhone screen. Steve Jobs, the masterful presenter, timed every transition, every demo, and every slide with menacing precision. Why wouldn’t he? He’s the guy that mastered the magical reveal with Wringling appeal. Jobs obsessed over every detail: the layout of the motherboards, the material of the screws in the machine, and rhythmic timing of the slides. The showman knew his audience, and he knew how to create the greatest show on earth. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 6 is fine, and the Apple WATCH is expected. But, where is the bearded lady? The shock and awe? The presentation isn’t magical, so what’s the allure? Today’s presentation doesn’t exceed expectations, and it doesn’t exceed because it is satisfactory. For starters, at 10:08:17 AM PST, Cook makes the big reveal: Eight minutes and seventeen seconds into “wish we could say more” event. They…

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