Look Ma, I got a ‘B’ in Blogging

Here’s the checkup: ‘better, but still needs improvement.” After spending the last 60 days working on  regular blogging, I had a conversation with Mark Schaefer and asked “so, Mark what suggestions would you give me to make me better?” Mark’s response resulted in a post that he put on {Grow}. I agreed to not steal his thunder, but here is the summary specifically as it applied to me. ‘Sweat the Headline’ – Spend twice as long working on the interesting, attention-grabbing headline as writing the post. While the SEO guy in me wants to write keyword-rich headlines, the reality is that most of my quality traffic is referred through social networks, so for me, it is important to write a headline that is interesting. Earn the Right to Write – I think this is great advice for me. As an old boss used to tell me regarding my voicemails and…

Teetotaller Was Totally Right

I was under the assumption that Teetotalism was being a complete lush, but in a conversation with Doug the other day he used it in a story (not about me, thank you, Alice) describing someone who did not drink a drop. Now, in the past, Doug used “site for sore eyes” to mean the opposite (i.e. seeing someone when you didn’t want to see them. Well, Doug was right. Teetotallers or tea totallers are people that prefer tea over other (namely alcoholic) drinks.

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