Don’t Start Blogging: It’s Not Worth the Guilt

Warning: Herein lies heresy: Not everyone should have a blog. In fact, 95% of the blog owners shouldn’t have a blog. Blogs may increase search engine rankings, build communities, establish expertise within a given field, provide a human side to your brand, engage customers, and becomes the vehicle to build loads of content. So, why do so many bloggers jump ship? Blogging is hard work. So, you have permission to say “no!” Let’s face it: • Blogging takes time (more than many admit) • Many thoughtful blog posts go unread • Establishing expertise requires, well, expertise • Your audience doesn’t read blogs • Your #1 keyword referral will not be what you expect When the new wears off, your blog will go months before it is updated. After carrying the unnecessary, blog-imposed guilt of not posting any new content (which is something that you never wanted to do in the first…

Deck: Basic Elements of Blogs

In tonight’s class, we discussed the basic elements of a blog. The following deck provides the general technical information: Blog Engine URL Selection Wireframe of Blog Page Design Considerations Header / Navigation Subscription options Elements and allocation of labor per post Commenting systems Sidebar elements Social sharing options Connection – syndication options This deck is loaded with links, so feel free to click away. I’m open to any suggestions. If anything is unclear, feel free to let me know!

Look Ma, I got a ‘B’ in Blogging

Here’s the checkup: ‘better, but still needs improvement.” After spending the last 60 days working on  regular blogging, I had a conversation with Mark Schaefer and asked “so, Mark what suggestions would you give me to make me better?” Mark’s response resulted in a post that he put on {Grow}. I agreed to not steal his thunder, but here is the summary specifically as it applied to me. ‘Sweat the Headline’ – Spend twice as long working on the interesting, attention-grabbing headline as writing the post. While the SEO guy in me wants to write keyword-rich headlines, the reality is that most of my quality traffic is referred through social networks, so for me, it is important to write a headline that is interesting. Earn the Right to Write – I think this is great advice for me. As an old boss used to tell me regarding my voicemails and…

New Digs

After several years of half-ass blogging at blogspot, I have gotten my own domain fully involved with WordPress. I hope that you like my new home, and I hope and pray to actually give you something worth reading…

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