Case Study: Nonprofit Use of Social Media Raises $10,000 in 5 Days

Occasionally, you come across a campaign that you cannot get out of your mind. The work that Jami Mullikin did with Safe Harbor, a domestic violence non-profit in Greenville SC, has had that stickiness for me. While I occasionally talk about the campaign with clients, the details of the actual campaign were sparse. Finally, this weekend, I spoke with Jami about presenting the case study to my social media MBA class, and he agreed. (See the Google Hangout video at the bottom of this post) In short, here’s what really appealed to me about the campaign: Clear call to action: give $5 Emotionally connecting: the video genuinely made a connection with the audience Well designed landing page–more than a “donate now” button Viral growth through social network It generated results 1. Strategy Safe Harbor needed to raise $10,000 by the end of the year. Instead of pursuing a single large gift they…

How To: Analyze A Social Media Case Study

This list is by no means definitive, and I would love input to make it better. However, when I look at how companies are using digital campaigns, I like to look at the five following criteria to determine how the organization is using digital media: 1. Strategy What is the objective that the company is trying to achieve? While this list is not exhaustive, I believe that generally the objectives fall in the falling categories: CUSTOMER SERVICE TRUST – ESTABLISH EXPERTISE – BRANDING AWARENESS CRISIS CONTROL FOCUS GROUPS / KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE SALES 2. Audience Who is the company talking to? Is it clear what demographic they are trying to reach? 3. Networks Where and how are the companies engaging? Blog Forums Reviews Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Flickr YouTube 4.Execution How are the tactics being executed? What frequency? By whom? 5. Measurement How are the results being measured? What really matters?…

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