Let’s Face It, You Suck

…at something. We all do.  While we could quite possibly spend hours and blood, sweat, and tears trying to improve our weaknesses, all of that effort may move the needle, a little bit. Despite being a fierce competitor on the football field, my father had a smaller build than many of the collegiate atheletes. He always wanted to beef up his “chicken legs.” He did squats, calf raises, and lifts but his legs never seemed to get much bigger. His true, natural-born, strength was in leadership, and within a few years into his college scholarship, he became the captain of the football team–chicken legs and all. I have taken a number of personality profiles over the years, Profile XT, Craft Profile, Meyers Briggs, DiSC, and Strengths Finder to name a few. I tend to “learn” about deficiencies in my character and “type” of worker that I am, but StrengthsFinder is…

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