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After several years of half-ass blogging at blogspot, I have gotten my own domain fully involved with WordPress.† I hope that you like my new home, and I hope and pray to actually give you something worth reading…


WHOA!† What a year this is going to be?† We have milestone years in our life, but this one will perhaps be the most significant for me.† Things to do this year: 1. Turn Thirty. 2. Graduate from Law School. 3. Take (and pass) the bar. 4. Have another baby (not me personally, of course). 5. Begin my professional career. Here I sit January 1 at a Starbucks thinking about all of this–kind of surreal. Happy New Year.

Black Friday and Bed-head

While the world gently rested, a chaotic storm was brewing. The commercial captains were still tallying their less-than-Wall-Street’s predicted sales, and in that crimson balance the goal of profitability loomed large. Black Friday came and the soldiers camped out all night for a crack at the best deal. Armed with pulp advertisement, the troubadours of trade waged war against the marketing moguls capitalizing on every early bird and doorbuster special. Fat on turkey and Ms. Shuman’s dinner rolls, I sat back in a recliner with an eight pound lap full of advertisements and vowed to form my own merry militia. I twice made my list and checked it as many times. With googlemaps as my navigator, I too was going to save a buck or two. Shortly after 5:00 am my wife and I fought off sleep and the cold brisk wind to join the ranks of retail rangers. K-mart…

Pedestrians Beware!

On the way home tonight we hit a pedestrian, and it got me to thinkingówe have constructed the most pedestrian unfriendly cities. We design cities without one thought of pedestrian traffic. In the most distant places, hours away from civilization, we construct subdivisions, so that we can walk 12 feet from front door to automobile and then 12 feet from automobile to the office. I have never known how to be a pedestrian. The world that I have always known includes hours of commuting on roads where pedestrians are aliens. I am lost in a sea of automobiles. If I were forced to travel my normal routes without the assistance of my vehicle, I would be forced to travel on routes where I am not welcome (i.e. the federal highway system). The nearest public transportation could be in another state for all that I know. What would our world look…

Eat, Drink, and be Merry

Pat Robertson doesn’t have to tell you that the world is a seemingly scary place to live right now. Natural disasters, Wars, and Terrorism are all around. Now, the threat of a pandemic is evolving into a perfect storm with the spread of the bird flu through the East. To all of this doom and gloom I say, “Eat, Drink, and be Merry!” This saying connotes, strong middle ages usage. In that time there was little predictability to health and mortality. But somehow in our modern world we feel that we can predict our lives. We plan our lives out for 5, 10, 25, 50 years into the future, but we have no guarantees. The one guarantee that we do have is that you are reading this right now. Talk about carpe diem. You may finish reading this post and be wiped off the face of the earth, which figures…

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