This mother’s day I want to say, “well done!” I have turned out so well that I know you did a good job. 😉 Seriously though, I was thinking about one aspect of my nurturing where my mom (and dad, but we’ll wait and recycle this post next month) did an especially good job was allowing me to be true to myself. From time to time, we do not see eye to eye on some issues but the fact that I have a unique opinion that differs is a direct result of being true. So even when I am winning an argument, mom, you are really winning because you did such a good job!


In a few short hours, I am going to walk across the stage and be graduated from my college as a Doctor of Jurisprudence.  Most of my colleagues will join me to walk.  A few will not. Sure, graduation is a highly choreographed event that has little actual relevance, but these grand celebrations season an otherwise bland life.  We pause ordinary time and transform it from ordinary into extraordinary.  We do this to recognize accomplishment, and we set apart time and space to honor achievement.  Otherwise, we may as well get a degree at Phoenix University. This degree, unlike any other, is very surreal to me because as the wife says, it will be my last.  So today, I pause and consider the monument of today. Today is special to me because I know that I could not have done this without my wife.  She left the security of her…

Update: Holy Crap!

Okay, well I showed up bright and early this morning to turn in the exam.  The dean had a voicemail from my professor, and she agreed to accept the exam.  Later they agreed to not bar my exam from submission, but they did decide that they would dock my grade on the exam by 2/3 of a letter grade.  That is better than I deserved but worse than I had hoped. Looks like I may still graduate!  The wife is thankful, but when I get home, I am guaranteed an earful!

Holy Crap!

I finished my commercial law exam on Monday.  Last in-class final, and I had one take-home final and a paper to finish for Law & Literature.  Earlier in the semester we were able to “pick” our due dates for our assignments, and I chose the last day of the final period, May 12.  I figured this would take the pressure off of me. Anyway, after the comm. law exam I went to work and had a crazy schedule trying to catch up on a number of things that I missed in the few days that I took off to study.  Wednesday morning I worked on my paper for L&L and kept the daughter home.  We found out that day that at her school they had a head-lice incident, so Thursday (the day that I was going to devote entirely to the take-home and paper) she again stayed home with me. …


This is one of the greatest treats of warm weather.  Although I have not really known what to call it, I think a fitting name is Kick-ass Korn. 1 stick of butter (melted) 1/3 c. lemon juice 1/3 c. Texas Pete’s 1 tsp. Salt 1 Tbs. Black Pepper Mix ingrediants and brush on shucked corn. Baste while grilling and cook until the corn is lightly blackened. Enjoy the goodness.

New Tunes sidebar

I added a sidebar element to my blog today that lists the music that I am currently listening to. I will keep the list limited to 10 or so entries. The links will take you to the iTunes music store where you can preview and or purchase the tune for only $.99, and, well, I may get a little cut of that…

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