Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Chat #seoslam

Last Monday, I had a search engine optimization & social media hangout with Sean McGinnis, Rosemary O’Neill and Eric Pratum to discuss search engine optimization in the social media space. This is a follow up from our Social Slam panel. httpvh:// Transcript of Search Engine Optimization Google Hangout Jeremy:¬†Really, this is pretty exciting. I think this is the first time that a panel from Social Slam has followed up after the fact, and so I think this is going to be an interesting opportunity to continue our conversation, Social Slam. I think based on the feedback that we received from Social Slam 2012 that a lot of the search engine optimization conversation got really technical, very quickly, and bored everyone and was way over the heads. What we did at Social Slam this year was to really try and focus on allowing people to use this in their business, apply…

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