Keeping Keyword Focus in an Attention Distracted…Look, Shiny

Not sure if this ever happens to you, but sometimes I am writing a blog post and look to link to an article that I wrote only to find out that I never actually published it. This is that post. When I was writing the Social Slam SEO wrap-up post I was going to link to my post about the SEO value of keeping keyword focus per page, and guess what, I found the draft of the post that had never been published. Ironic, I know. Without further ado, here’s a modified (and now published) draft from 2007. 🙂 Keyword Focus is Good Business In college I played guitar in a band. I met a few talented musicians, and we were getting to know one another while jamming. In my attempt to impress, I was ripping through riffs and tearing up scales, and then during a break one of the…

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