Social Media and the Law 2013: 9 Considerations In Drafting a Social Media Policy

Here is a quick update on the legal considerations of social media that I presented to my class this week.  It’s a dangerous world online. This presentation covers some of the issues that you may not even consider within your organization. Having trouble viewing the video, click here. Factors to Consider When Drafting the Social Media Policy 1. Copyright Concerns – Is the information that you are posting protected by copyright? If so, are there any exceptions? Can you use a Creative Commons license to use  the content? 2. Defamation – Considerations about libel lawsuits in social media. Courtney Love libel cases Link to pizza case discussed 3. Disclosure and Terms of Service – Are you being paid for this advertisement? If so, are you disclosing that? 4. Privacy – Are you invading someone’s privacy by posting that Instagram? Are you abusing someone else’s privacy by sharing information that was not intended…

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