Thanks For Your Help! Making my Blog Better…

Blog Post Asking for Feedback

Last week I asked for your help in making my blog better, and thankfully I can report that I received some incredible feedback. In fact, 50% of the visits that I received on 3/14 provided feedback. On Facebook, Google+, Blog Comments, text message, and the Google form, friends provided meaningful useful feedback to improve reading experience. So, what better activity for a sunny, March Saturday than to set about fixing them.

Google Form

Feedback on the forms provided some great insight into the perception of my blog. For one thing, I noticed that when I post, only about 5% of visitors comment or provide feedback on another platform. It was nice to see the feedback:

First, I wanted to know the frequency of visits. It was cool to see that 90% of respondents read every post.

Frequency of visit

Then I wanted to know whether readers found the content interesting. A little more than half found the content to be interesting. If I think about this along with some of the other feedback, I would say that readers probably find about 60% of the content to be interesting. A number of people wanted me to write more stories, so this makes sense.

Results from the question are the posts interesting?


Finally, the “net promoter score” was very strong. Now to figure out how to turn the 6 into a 9. 🙂

Likely to Refer?

Comments on Facebook and Disqus

My blog update 2013 to-do list is pictured above, the comments provided a number of very specific changes to make to the blog–namely the sidebar. I have completed most of the recommendations, and I will consider some of the comments not yet implemented.

Probably the biggest resounding issue that came out of the feedback is the “focus” of the blog. It seems like my blog is a projection of the diverse interests of my life! 🙂 I love great stories, and I love to share them, but I am constantly drawn to write about professional and academic content. Part of this exercise has taught me that I may need to separate the two: keep the personal side here and the “work” stuff on the work blog and write about my other issues here. I fear that this blog will be updated far less frequently if I do that. I would love your feedback.

I am so thankful that my friends took a few seconds, or few minutes in some cases, to help me make the experience better. You rock!

Jeremy Floyd

Jeremy Floyd is the President at FUNYL Commerce. Formerly, he was the CEO and President of Lirio, Bluegill Creative, a marketing and communications firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. In addition to managing the digital strategies, Floyd was an adjunct professor for the University of Tennessee Chattanooga MBA program teaching digital strategies and social media. Floyd blogs at and tweets under the name @jfloyd. Jeremy is licensed to practice law in the State of Tennessee and holds a law degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from MTSU in English and Philosophy.