The High Cost of Free – When Google’s Beta has Bite (Google Reader Edition)

Google’s announcement to put a bullet in Google Reader took the interwebs by storm last week. There are hundreds of posts circulating about why Google did it and all of the alternatives. Image taken from YouTube footage of Tommy Johnson. This isn’t the first time a favorite software has reached its demise. Posterous was a simple blog interface. After Twitter’s acquisition, they tombstoned it. Google Wave & Google Buzz each offered unique albeit flawed solutions to collaboration and communication (building blocks of each appear in Google+). So, why do companies, especially Google, take a popular tool and not only stop supporting it but put a bullet in it altogether? In this Wired article, Farhad Manjoo highlights the inherent danger of relying on cloud solutions that are here today and gone tomorrow: Reader’s death illustrates a terrible downside of cloud software—sometimes your favorite, most indispensable thing just goes away. Yes, software would…

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