Why not Share That Million Dollar Idea? The Psychology Behind Idea Hoarding

What’s your million dollar idea? More importantly, what are you doing with it? Flickr image used according to creative commons licensing by zazie  Unfortunately, ideas generally aren’t worth the bytes they occupy without execution. Want proof? Go check out all of these ideas that are freely shared. So, why do we feel so protective of ideas that we are either ill-equipped to execute, are going to allow to die a slow painful death or worst of all tinker with until someone else finally executes? Kevin Mullet led me down this path this week when he posed the following question on Google+ At first, I thought that there were reasonable explanations as to why people don’t share curated content, which you can see in the thread, but the more that I thought over, his initial question I wanted to dig into why people are so reluctant to share the ideas or content…

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